Audio: Kostar uses only high end audio equipment that provides clear and powerfull sound that will be appreciated by you and your guests.

With our wide range of equipment, we supply sound for crowds up to 10,000.

Video: Don't spoil your image! Kostar has all the audiovisual equipment you need, the resources and experience you will appreciate.

Whether you need to address a small group or a huge audience, our technologies bring high quality video and clear images to a wide range of applications.

Lighting is a key element to any event.
Make it memorable!

At Kostar we offer a wide range of lighting services which we can customize to meet any expectations. Our experience and creativity combined with professional grade lighting equipment enables us to transform any space into an elegant and fabulous environment.

.Staging, Dance Floors & Drapery: With a vast in-house inventory of staging, dance floors and flame retardant drapery products, Kostar has the expertise and resources required to turn your vision into a memorable success.

From sleek to spectacular, simple to complex, we do it all. Your concept is our challenge.

.Production and Pre-Production: Relax and enjoy the show with your guests!

Benefit from a complete event solution that fills your needs and exceeds your goals not your budget. We take care of the pre-production, the setup, the coordination and the operation.

With Kostar pre-production and conception services our aim is to provide you with visualization services and 3D modeling allowing you to maximize your creativity to save time and costs. Give us your ideas we will design it!

Providing flawless technical services since 1986.

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